Become a Mobile Data Hotspot.

1. Start your own WiFi vending business.

2. No internet connection required.

3. Any WiFi device can connect.

4. No monthly fees or contracts.

5. Make money on the first day.

6. Top-up data to make more money.

Sell WiFi wherever YOU are!

๐“ผ๐“ถ๐“ช๐“ป๐“ฝ๐”‚ยฎ๐“•๐“ฒ  - Coin and operator mobile wifi solutions, coin and data wifi capable devices

Ideal for schools, coffee shops, parks, bars, factories...
Light enough to transport anywhere.

smarty®Fi - Tap for Data, Mobile WiFi solution

Easy to carry, Simple to use, Make money!

๐“ผ๐“ถ๐“ช๐“ป๐“ฝ๐”‚ยฎ๐“•๐“ฒ   - Coin or operator mobile WiFi Devices with optional 12V battery accessories available

Created for you

Built with our operators in mind both devices are plug-and-play and easy to setup.

We bring to you two devices, one being self-service (coin-operated) and the other requiring an operator to collect monies and connect the customer to WiFi.

Regardless of how the customer pays, the steps are simple, the customer just needs to tap the phone, enable WiFi connection on their mobile phone (or other WiFi capable device like a tablet), and connect.

No need for usernames or passwords. WiFi typically has a reach of 100 metres line of sight.

As soon as the customerโ€™s WiFi credits are exhausted, internet access is automatically disconnected.

The customerโ€™s unused WiFi credit does not expire and can be used next time the device connects.

The exact distance that a Wi-Fi signal is able to travel depends on your surroundings The exact distance that a Wi-Fi signal is able to travel depends on your surroundings, so if there are walls that are blocking the path from your device to the customers phone they will experience a slower connection.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Make money from the data you sell.



5c per MB
lowest rate


20c per MB
normal rate


15c per MB
clean profit

This is only an example of how much profit you could make when reselling data. As an Operator you pay the lowest rate per MB of data, only R950 for 20GB. That's ยฑ5c per MB!!. You charge your customers 20c per MB. This means you could make ยฑ15c per MB

Operator Testimonial from Phillip: It's great! It is small and easy to work with. Best of all I make triple what I spend on data.

It's great! It is small and easy to work with. I got the router device and there is no installation or mounting. Just stop, setup and sell wherever I am. Best of all I make triple what I spend on data I resell and my customers are happy as they spend less too. Clean profit after my first top-up. Thank you smarty®Fi

Phillip M.

No rentals, no monthly fees.

These are the products we have available at once off costs. So no rentals, no monthly fees... With the A100 and A202 models you can start reselling at the margin, which means you already start making money on the first day. As optional extras and if you don't have access to an electrical socket during the day you will be able to connect the devices to the rechargeable battery. And we are also able to supply the recharger for the battery so you can charge it at night, similar to a mobile phone.

  • It‘s so easy to connect the device to the internet and get your customers online.
  • User inserts coins, taps their phone, and gets instant mobile data to browse with.
  • No access to electricity during the day? A 12V battery is all you need to run either the A101 or A202 models. 
  • *Optional extra
  • Battery charger plugs into a normal electrical socket. Attach the 12V battery and charge so ready for the next day. 
  • *Optional extra

How to recharge your smarty®Fi device with more data.

Simply deposit or EFT * the funds into the ABSA bank account below using your 10 digit **serial number as your reference.

Account Name: SmartPhone (PTY) LTD
Bank Name: ABSA
Account No: 4066723622
Account Type: Cheque
Branch: Rivonia
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: xxxxxxxxxx (eg: 8600040362)

* The price indicated includes VAT and is for data. Prices are subject to change without notice.

** Your 10 digit serial number can be found at the back of the A202 device or under the A100 device.

NOTE: No refunds will be allowed.
Ensure the amount you pay is exactly what you find in the "YOU PAY" column. It is allocated to your 10 digit serial number so make sure all the information is correct before depositing or transferring the reload amount.

Disclaimer: Please verify that that your preferred option will work in the area you planned to deploy the smartyFi solution. The area must have good coverage of the network you choose.

Remember to check that you have LTE (4G) coverage in your area first before you buy one only for LTE.

    Data Bundle You Pay Resell
vodacom yes yes 3GB
*30 days
R340 Charge: R450
**Profit: R110
telkom yes no 20GB Anytime +
20GB Nightsurfer

*30 days
R400 Charge: R2,000
**Profit: R1,600
vodacom yes yes 5GB
*30 days
R440 Charge: R750
**Profit: R310
telkom yes no 60GB Anytime +
60GB Nightsurfer

*30 days
R600 Charge: R6,000
**Profit: R5,400
telkom yes yes 20GB
*6 months (Roaming on Vodacom)
R950 Charge: R3,000
**Profit: R2,050
telkom yes no 200GB Anytime +
200GB Nightsurfer

*30 days
R1,100 Charge: R10,000
**Profit: R8,900

* The data expires from loading / activating the bundle. Check above to see period for each one.

**Profit is only an estimated amount. Profit calculation does not include unitisation.

๐“ผ๐“ถ๐“ช๐“ป๐“ฝ๐”‚ยฎ๐“•๐“ฒ   - Web Apps for administration includes operator portal and client interfaces

smarty®Fi Web Apps

With the benefit that is being an operator comes the various software that will empower you to run your data reselling business.

For the Operator For the Customer The Admin App

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