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Rechargeable 12V Battery

Charger for 12v Battery

We know how tough it is what with the electricity issues we have been having lately.

And that's why we have worked on a portable solution. The battery charger plugs into a normal electrical socket and you attach it to the 12V battery so it can be ready for the next day, much like charging a cellphone. A 12V battery is all you need to run either the A101 or A202 models. Check out the specs below.

Rechargeable 12V Battery
- 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid battery
- Size: 151×65×94mm
- Weight: 2.05kg
- Nominal Voltage:12V
- 7.0 capacity @ 20hr rate
- 1.7A max charge

Charger for 12v Battery
- Input: 100-240V AC
- Output: DC 12V
- Current: 2A
- To charge battery: 12V 4AH - 12V 20AH
- Short circuit reverse connection
- Overload and overcurrent protection