A100 smarty®Fi Wifi operator-service


Easy to carry

Weighing in at less than 1kg, the A100 is the complete solution to being a mobile data hotspot. So light that you can fit it in a bag with the 2.5kg Rechargeable Battery and move from schools to spaza shops, parks or street vendors.


Easy to Install

This device can be used anywhere you go. Either completely mobile or at a permanent location. Can be connected to an electrical socket or a 12V Rechargeable battery that you charge at night with the battery recharger.


Easy to Use

Simply collect the money from your customer. With our easy-to-use browser app you can then allocate the correct amount to your customer and they will get their data.


Easy Tap for Data

Your customers can now tap, turn on their wifi and connect to the smarty®Fi data hotspot, as soon as they hear the BEEP can send messages or browse.

A100 Instructions

Connect the smarty®Fi Router to an electrical socket (or use the battery pack). Switch on the device. Using the web app we developed connect to your "sell" WiFi connection. When you are paid, type the amount you want to allocate and let your customer tap their phone on your device after their Wifi has been turned on. Once you hear the beep they are connected, and they will be disconnected one their data has been used up. If they don't use all their data, they will be able to connect again on another day just by connecting to the data hotspot!

A100 𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓽𝔂®𝓕𝓲  - Wifi capable reseller device with or without battery charger

How to recharge your smarty®Fi device with more data.

Simply deposit or EFT * the funds into the ABSA bank account below using your 10 digit **serial number as your reference.

Account Name: SmartPhone (PTY) LTD
Bank Name: ABSA
Account No: 4066723622
Account Type: Cheque
Branch: Rivonia
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: xxxxxxxxxx (eg: 8600040362)

* The price indicated includes VAT and is for data. Prices are subject to change without notice.

** Your 10 digit serial number can be found at the back of the A202 device or under the A100 device.

NOTE: No refunds will be allowed.
Ensure the amount you pay is exactly what you find in the "YOU PAY" column. It is allocated to your 10 digit serial number so make sure all the information is correct before depositing or transferring the reload amount.

Disclaimer: Please verify that that your preferred option will work in the area you planned to deploy the smartyFi solution. The area must have good coverage of the network you choose.

Remember to check that you have LTE (4G) coverage in your area first before you buy one only for LTE.

    Data Bundle You Pay Resell
vodacom yes yes 3GB
*30 days
R340 Charge: R450
**Profit: R110
telkom yes no 20GB Anytime +
20GB Nightsurfer

*30 days
R400 Charge: R2,000
**Profit: R1,600
vodacom yes yes 5GB
*30 days
R440 Charge: R750
**Profit: R310
telkom yes no 60GB Anytime +
60GB Nightsurfer

*30 days
R600 Charge: R6,000
**Profit: R5,400
telkom yes yes 20GB
*6 months (Roaming on Vodacom)
R950 Charge: R3,000
**Profit: R2,050
telkom yes no 200GB Anytime +
200GB Nightsurfer

*30 days
R1,100 Charge: R10,000
**Profit: R8,900

* The data expires from loading / activating the bundle. Check above to see period for each one.

**Profit is only an estimated amount. Profit calculation does not include unitisation.